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Amateur Packet Radio

What is Amateur Packet Radio ?





VAPO has eliminated the yearly "dues" 

If the system should fail, require updating or whatever, we will be requesting funding from the members who are interested in keeping the system going.  We presently have enough funding for the near future, but in case we require funding we will be calling you.


Lets keep the VAPO Packet System humming in the Vancouver area.   Please check the  VAPO Membership Page to verify your status. 

...73 Tom


If you have any comments, please send to




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Packet Frequencies in use in the Vancouver Area

Map of the VAPO Packet Network

More information on Packet Radio Systems that VAPO Supports

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VAPO Contact Information:

  • Packet Address: ve7vpo@ve7vpo.#vanc.bc.can.noam

  • Internet Email: (temporarily off)

  • Mail:   VAPO      6510 - Bradford Place, Delta, BC, Canada. V4E 1G3


    Packet Software Download Area

    TPK v1.82 (700Kb) (unzip onto a single 3.5" floppy, then install)

    TPK v1.83c (270Kb) Upgrade (install onto an existing v1.82 TPK system)

    Collection of VAPO sample TPK startup/configuration files (make sure you use pkunzip -d !)

    Yapp Packet Program (60Kb) Yapp Packet Terminal Program

    Jnos 1.10I VAPO Version 1995 (1.12Mb) Jnos 1.10I 88/186/386 versions (unzip onto a 3.5" floppy)

    Jnos 1.10I VAPO Version 1995 (633Kb) Jnos 1.10I 8088 only version (unzip onto a 3.5" floppy)


    Useful Packet Radio Links

    Packet Radio

    Amateur Radio Clubs

    Amateur Radio Organizations


    Packet Radio Equipment Manufacturers

    Information on using Motorola Commercial radios on the ham bands

    Motorola Technical Information


    If you use VAPO Packet Radio Services in the Vancouver Area, PLEASE consider joining VAPO for only $15 per year !

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